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The Herd



This is Tom (registered name Marshview Sawyer), our buck  (entire male) who joined the herd  in May 2015. in this picture he is 14 months old.

He has only the one job to do - lucky boy!




Tia (left) and Maria (right) are sisters.

We have had them since they were kids.




This is Sugar (left)  and her daughter Spice (right). Spice was born on December 5th 2004.They joined the herd on June 1st 2005

Although nervous to start with they have settled in exceptionally well and make excellent mums.



Dolce (left) and Vita joined the herd  on the 10th May 2009 when they were about 14 weeks old.

We bought them in so that we have the pleasure of having some kids around ourselves that we will see grow up with us .








Lottie (right) joined the herd on 2nd December 2008. She was born in early 2006.

She is very friendly and rushes up for cuddles whenever she see us.

Mary (left) joined the herd on July 10th 2009, when she was 6 years old, her previous family having  moved to Devon. She is an extremely friendly girl.

We are running the herd down now as we are both getting older and we are not replacing any fallen stock.

Several of the girls are now retired from breeding and will live out their lives with us, being pampered into their old age.



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